Execute Shell or Jar from Gradle

During one my project i had to execute shell script from gradle. It was bit of challenge to find out for me how can i achieve it. I am adding that snippet here so next time i remember as well someone else who wants to do the same.  This gradle script is created using gradleContinue reading “Execute Shell or Jar from Gradle”

Animation using Angular 2, CSS,HTML5.

When i was developing an app i wanted to add animation into my app such like breaking news popping into a small bar and slowly slide out. Here i am sharing my code for animation which is used as one of the angular2 component, just plug in play. To achieve this create one directory namedContinue reading “Animation using Angular 2, CSS,HTML5.”

Jenkins2.0 Pipeline setup for NodeJS app.

Now days CI/CD pipeline is to develop and deliver quick succession environment, I have created triggered build which is not as good Jenkins2.0 pipeline, i really praise Jenkins2.0 pipeline i do have word on GoCD which i will cover in other post. Here we will use basic pipeline setup for nodejs app. If you checkContinue reading “Jenkins2.0 Pipeline setup for NodeJS app.”

Jenkins 2.0 setup on AWS.

Easiest way to learn cloud technologies is to create a free account on Amazon Web Services. In here we will create a basic instance of ubuntu and setup that instance as Jenkins2.0 master and create another instance to make it a slave to master. I prefer step by step approach, so we will use AWS console insteadContinue reading “Jenkins 2.0 setup on AWS.”

Lets start with Docker in a nodes project.

We will setup  containerization which has nodes, angular2 using docker.  In here how we can deploy a simple nodes app which is built using angular2 and how it get deployed using docker on your local machine. i will provide you link to the source you need to just check out the source code and runContinue reading “Lets start with Docker in a nodes project.”