Terraform EKS module on AWS.

In one of my recent work I had an opportunity to work with EKS module using Terraform, It was quite a fun to spin off EKS cluster using terraform in matter of miniutes. I am here sharing you my experience and code which is ben trimmed for share purpose. Prer-requsite to use this EKS moduleContinue reading “Terraform EKS module on AWS.”

Linkerd for K8S Canary Deployment/Traffic splitter.

Reference to Jira Ticket number CTDS-234, Below diagram shows upgrade from v1 to v2 while serving the traffic. What is Canary deployment (in k8s)? A deployment strategy is using Canaries (a.k.a. incremental rollouts). With canaries, the new version of the application is gradually deployed to the Kubernetes cluster while getting a very small amount of liveContinue reading “Linkerd for K8S Canary Deployment/Traffic splitter.”

Integrate Jira with Jenkins in continuous delivery Environment

       In continuous delivery/deployment  environment its not always 100% automation, Only fewer projects which are developed on latest tech stack managed to achieve this. Most of the legacy tech stack based projects still require manual intervention to deliver/release. Here i am sharing my experience while working on one of the project which hadContinue reading “Integrate Jira with Jenkins in continuous delivery Environment”

Jenkins 2.0 pipeline +Git+ Maven + Nexus Repository 3.12 with Rest-Java-app

In one of my recent work i did demo a sample java-rest based application deployed using Jenkins 2.0 pipeline. To achieve this i created a one java-rest app and build it using maven. After building it, its getting uploaded on nexus repository. so start with first lets create a java rest service here is theContinue reading “Jenkins 2.0 pipeline +Git+ Maven + Nexus Repository 3.12 with Rest-Java-app”

(Angular2+Nodejs) App+Docker+Jenkins2(Declarative pipeline)+Nexus OSS 3.12..

Here is my guide to do a quick setup of  Microservice app developed using Angular2+Nodejs and running on continuous integration build tool Jenkins which interacts with the nexus to upload and download docker image. First setup is to setup a docker registry on Nexus repository. Follow the screen shot 1) Login to your nexus setupContinue reading “(Angular2+Nodejs) App+Docker+Jenkins2(Declarative pipeline)+Nexus OSS 3.12..”

Kubernetes cluster on vagrant Centos7 box (WIP).

Here are the basic steps to setup your local kubernetes cluster on vagrant centos boxes. Prerequisite :-   Virtual Box 5.0+   vagrant (https://www.vagrantup.com/docs/installation/) Used Windows machine for setting up this you can use any other os. Create a new directory in the work-space you want to use i am naming it vagrant.  Now have toContinue reading “Kubernetes cluster on vagrant Centos7 box (WIP).”

Mask userid and password from jenkins.

How to hide svnuser and password credential from console output. Go to  Jenkins > credentials > system > Global credentials Click on Add Credentials on left menu Enter against Username field and Password field.(it might appear with some filled values but you can clear it and enter your value) and save. Click OK No goContinue reading “Mask userid and password from jenkins.”