Integrate Jira with Jenkins in continuous delivery Environment

       In continuous delivery/deployment  environment its not always 100% automation, Only fewer projects which are developed on latest tech stack managed to achieve this. Most of the legacy tech stack based projects still require manual intervention to deliver/release. Here i am sharing my experience while working on one of the project which had legacy tech stack and it needed manual intervention to deploy or release end application.   Tech-stack used to achieve this automation process involved Jira, Jenkins, Nexus, Ansible, Virtual Box/OpenStack cloud and software developed and build using java+maven.  

Here i wont be discussing how artifact was built using maven, uploaded to nexus and deployed using ansible script, this article is more about the whole process was implemented using Jenkins and Jira not the technical nitty-gritty of  writing ansible and maven scripts. More about setup of Jira add-on , Jenkins plugins and bit of Jenkins pipeline scripting.

Technologies are used

  1. Jenkins
  2. JIRA
  3. Git/Svn
  4. Nexus/Artifactory
  5. Confluence

Lets start with deploying an micro services developed in JAVA rest service.

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