(Angular2+Nodejs) App+Docker+Jenkins2(Declarative pipeline)+Nexus OSS 3.12..

Here is my guide to do a quick setup of  Microservice app developed using Angular2+Nodejs and running on continuous integration build tool Jenkins which interacts with the nexus to upload and download docker image.

First setup is to setup a docker registry on Nexus repository. Follow the screen shot

1) Login to your nexus setup and go to settings.



2) When you click on create repository , it will open below window with lots of option please choose Docker(hosted).select_repo_type

3) Follow below screen shots to create your repository (note- you can choose whichever port you like providing its open, accessible and available.




4) Docker repository is ready for use.

5) Challenges i faced is getting access to docker registry from docker setup so had to add it a trusted repository.  My docker version didn’t have option of modifying json file. so had to find it from docker service and did it. Below are the steps here:-

1 vi /lib/systemd/system/docker.service

2 systemctl daemon-reload
3 systemctl restart docker

You can now access it from your jenkins2 docker code.

More to come…………………………………………………………………………..

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