Sbcons is short of Shaban consultancy which is specialised in providing services to various clients and consultancies. We provide services into DevOps, Automation, build , development using languages such as java, javascript, python, c# and groovy.  Experience working with client such as Fujitsu, Denplan, Fairsail(Sage People), Alfresco, Liverpool Victoria, Schlumberger, Hitachi and etc.  Shaban consultancy provides its customer latest technology based solutions.  Here we have up-to-date resources whether it is AWS or Terraform or Kubernates or Docker or if need legacy technologies such as jsp, php. Solution is based on the based on need of the client and what fits them best.  Shaban consultancy not only take project ad finish in given time but also add value to it by providing suggestion and improving existing system.

We also like to share our work as blog by adding to community of development.  As a small organisation we always look for challenging opportunities or projects where various technologies and functional requirement is involved.